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Kritique Kritics: Laurie's Rejections

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Laurie's Rejections

Well after careful research to make sure that each agent's list matched my type of writing I finally got up the nerve to send Art-World I to 10 different agencies. It was with high hopes I checked the mail daily. The first form letter didn't get to me. They said they weren't accepting new clients. The second wasn't too bad either. They are a huge multi-national agency. By the third rejection though, my confidence was waning.
Then came the worst day of all. I got three letters all at once and among them was one from JABberwocky, an agency I'd held such high hopes for. They published fantasy YA that was similar to mine. I was sure they'd want me. Well they didn't. They didn't even have a comment about why. Just another form letter.
Well I don't need to tell you that a few tears were shed. I'm sure I don't have a monopoly on those salty drops but all of my doubts, self-recriminations and insecurities could have filled Boardwalk and Park Place that night.
I thought about giving up. Who did I think I was? I only worked an hour before work every day and triple that on the weekends. Why would anyone want to publish my work?
But a night's sleep can soften any blow and by the morning I was ready to say. I'll show them. I'll make it so good they have to yes. Anyhow I still have two more out there.
They say you're not truly a writer until you can wallpaper your office with all of your rejection letters. Maybe so, but that wallpaper sure isn't a shade I want to look at every day.


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